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WordPress Speed Optimization

See page load times of 2 seconds or less with WordPress Speed Optimization.

For each second, above 2, that your website takes to load, the chances of your visitor leaving your website to find a competitor greatly increases.

A faster loading website improves conversion rates, leading to an increase in revenue.

Don’t wait, act now!

WordPress Speed Optimization Performance Test of the website from Pingdom Tools with a Performance Grade of 94 and a Load Time of 462ms.

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You will know if our WordPress Speed Optimization service will be beneficial to your website.

Service Benefits

Everything is connected to site speed!

You will see many benefits, on top of a faster website, with our WordPress Speed Optimization service!

The Core Benefits

Reduce bounce rates, get more page views, and improve conversion rates!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media efforts can see a huge benefit with a faster loading website.

Compare with Analytics Data

If you have analytics installed, you can track the difference before and after.


A faster loading website can improve page rank in search engines.


Improved engagement and conversion from copy you have paid for.

Site Administration

Get more work done faster, instead of waiting for your site to load.

Website Development

We improve the speed of your existing website, saving your investment.

Email Marketing

See higher conversions with your email marketing efforts.

WordPress Speed Optimization Cost

We offer two tiers of our WordPress Speed Optimization service.

Pro Performance is great if you want to retain your current hosting provider. Optimizations are made through a code-based approach, compatible with any WordPress website.

Premium Performance goes further with server-based optimizations, requiring a specific hosting environment. Relocation to a new hosting environment may be required if your server is incompatible.

No Down Payment is required with our Premium Performance service, optimizations will be performed on a clone of your website for you to see results first. Simply contact us to get started!

Do not delay, act now to improve your website.

WordPress Speed Optimization Performance Test of the website from with a PageSpeed Score of 100% and a YSlow Score of 96%.

Results You Can See!

Both GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights are used to gauge and test WordPress Speed Optimization.

Feel free to run your own website through these performance test tools.

Contact us for a free review of your website!

What You Can Expect

WordPress Speed Optimization

  • Safe – We backup your website first.
  • Same Website, Faster Page Loads.
  • Completed in less than 48 hours*.
  • 10 Years of Professional Experience.

* After we receive login information.

WordPress Speed Optimization Performance Test of the website from Google PageSpeed Insights with a Mobile Score of 91 out of 100.

About Us

Chris, our Technical Director, has 10 years of custom PHP programming experience. He is highly proficient in performance optimization for front-end (HTML, CSS, JS), back-end (PHP, MySQL), and server side (Apache, Litespeed). He knows how to squeeze the most performance out of nearly any WordPress website.

If you are engaging professionals in content writing, social media management, digital marketing, web design, web development, or advertisement, those efforts depend on a fast loading website for effectiveness. Let us show you the difference that a faster loading website will make.

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Located Near Princeton, WV

We work out of a home office in Rock, WV, which is a few miles outside of Princeton, West Virginia.

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